100% Smile Satisfaction Guarantee

You’re On The Way To The Perfect Smile

Having braces or Invisalign allows you to achieve the healthy, confident smile you’ve always wanted. We understand that orthodontic treatment is an investment and like any investment, we want to help you protect it. Once treatment is complete, you will need to consistently wear your retainer to ensure that your smile remains in perfect alignment. However, we know that life happens and over time, your teeth may begin to shift back out of alignment. Our Guarantee My Smile program enables you to keep the smile you want for an affordable price and ensures that the process of correcting your smile is seamless and stress-free.

With the treatment from a Guarantee My Smile Provider you will never have to worry about the expense of braces should you ever become dissatisfied with your smile. If your teeth ever shift or you are just unhappy with your smile, we will re-bond your braces at no charge. You’ll simply have to pay a monthly fee until you’re once again happy with your smile.